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Brethren and friends:

Welcome to the web site of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania. Freemasons are men committed to building our fraternity and our communities for service to our neighbors.

Here you will find much of the information you may need about the new programs of the Grand Lodge, as well as our principles, history and the services available to our members and the general public.

BECOMING a Mason is a privilege that you may seek if you are willing to live a moral and just life, with compassion and love for all around you. BEING a Mason requires all of us to live our lives as caring leaders in society. Freemasonry is the world's oldest and greatest Fraternity, because its members have been dedicated servants of each other, and of the world.

Freemasonry gives to its members countless opportunities for self-improvement and service to mankind. This website is designed to help you search and discover the many ways each member can truly improve his character and his community's future through the practice of Masonic Virtues.

Please explore our entire web site and come back to visit us often!

Robert J. Bateman
 Robert J. Bateman
 R. W. Grand Master

Rboert J. Bateman, Right Worshipful Grand Master
Robert J. Bateman
Right Worshipful Grand Master
of Masons in Pennsylvania
2014 - 2015
The Right Worshipful Grand Lodge
of the Most Ancient and Honorable
Fraternity of Free and Accepted Masons
of Pennsylvania and Masonic Jurisdiction
Thereunto Belonging
Franklin Medal Thomson Cup Wanamaker Medal
The Grand Master's Outstanding Service Medal
The Grand Master's
Outstanding Service Medal
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