Masonic Scholar Certification - Inside The Certification Program

External studies programs are currently the fastest growing of all educational methods and the most diverse. The Committee of Masonic Knowledge will attempt to provide to you the basic tools and principles for your study. How well you use these tools in your pursuit of Masonic knowledge will be analyzed and determined through your Evaluation Reports. It is important to your success that you not only know the subject but that you demonstrate an ability to identify and apply the Masonic principles you have learned. The best ideas are those that work and the best scholars are leaders who set the pace for putting their thoughts and knowledge into action.

If you are to play an important role in our society, you must be prepared to deal not only with the known, but to understand and create new solutions to ever-changing problems in a world where the dynamics of every situation are ever-increasing in intensity and diversity. You must be able to survive in an environment where available knowledge is increasing so rapidly that yesterday's solutions simply may not apply.

Leadership is the ability to make decisions now while allowing enough flexibility to change and enough stability to make your decisions effective.

The Committee of the Academy of Masonic Knowledge looks forward to your success and to assisting you in the fulfillment of your objectives.
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