Blood and Organ Donor Program

Masonic Blood + Organ Donor Program

Masonic Blood + Organ Donor Program

All Pennsylvania Masons are eligible for membership in the Masonic Blood + Organ Donor Program. A donation of one unit of blood provides coverage for the immediate family. Please donate as often as you can — blood supply is a precious gift of life that only you can give.

Blood is life. Without it, life cannot exist and all the medical advancements and knowledge of the past century would not have been possible. There is no substitute for human blood. Every day brings advances in life-saving techniques—many of which require blood or blood products.

Donating blood is an active way of helping others and society as a whole. Donations are the only way of obtaining blood. This is why the Masonic Blood + Organ Donor Program of Pennsylvania is so important. Our Fraternity teaches compassion and concern for our fellow man. What better way do we have to demonstrate this virtue, than by offering the greatest gift – the gift of life – to our society?

The mission of the Masonic Blood + Organ Donor Program is to promote Masonic blood drives throughout the state and to provide as many opportunities as possible to share this gift of life. The club also acts as an informational source, and will continue to encourage and assist Lodges, Masonic Ladies and Youth organizations in sponsoring drives, activities and events for the purpose of collecting blood donations.

Organ donation is another major issue the club addresses. If you have not previously registered as an Organ Donor on your Pennsylvania Driver’s License, please consider doing so by going to And while we do NOT procure organs for members in need, the purpose of our Organ Donor Committee is to heighten awareness and to provide educational materials and information on the subject.

While we no longer require dues for membership in the Masonic Blood + Organ Donor Program, we still have operating expenses. Donations are greatly appreciated. Thank you for your continued support of this vital program.