Masonic Education

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Masonic Education

Freemasonry can provide a path to finding answers to life’s questions. Various forms of education enable members to seek answers along their personal journey to becoming a better man. Choose your path: study the past, enhance current leadership skills, delve into philosophy, focus on ritual and symbolism or chart your own way.

Online Education & Mentoring Program

In addition to the relationships that develop between Entered Apprentice and Fellowcraft Masons and their mentors as they proceed through the degrees, the new Online Mentoring Program offers continuous opportunities for engagement and development for new members following initiation.

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Officer Seminars and Sectional Schools of Instruction

Each year, the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania holds several leadership training seminars across the Commonwealth at locations convenient to the Brethren. These seminars cover a wide variety of topics, including leadership, lodge management, Masonic education, membership tips and more.

The learning and exemplification of the ritualistic work is a core concept in Freemasonry. The Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania is committed to the highest standards of ritual performance and presentation, all in an effort to give every new Mason an experience he will carry with him for the rest of his life.

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Speakers’ Bureau

The Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania offers a Speakers’ Bureau with a variety of presentations for your lodge meeting.

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Pennsylvania Lodge of Research

The Pennsylvania Lodge of Research is constituted solely for the purpose of Masonic study. Working under a warrant from the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania, F. & A.M., the Lodge of Research meets twice a year in different locations around the Commonwealth. During our meetings, brothers offer presentations on Masonic topics that further our understanding of our fraternity, including its history, philosophy and symbolism.

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Pennsylvania Academy of Masonic Knowledge

The Academy offers learning opportunities in which Masons may participate in dialogues with similarly inclined brethren, witness prominent Masonic scholars discussing various aspects of Freemasonry and pursue home study at their own pace and in their own areas of interest, through publications on Masonic subjects recommended by the Academy.

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Become a Freemason

Freemasonry is a fraternity of men who share one common goal: To help each other become better men. Better husbands, fathers, friends, leaders, learners and volunteers.