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Pennsylvania Masons may only visit Lodges working under a jurisdiction recognized by the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania.

The Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania maintains fraternal relations with those Grand Lodges that have requested recognition. All requests are referred to the Grand Lodge Committee on Fraternal Recognition. Final determination is granted by vote in the Grand Lodge.

There are several ways for a Pennsylvania Mason to determine whether or not a particular Lodge or Grand Lodge is officially recognized. Each Lodge Secretary has a copy of the List of Lodges published annually to identify those Lodges generally recognized by a majority of the regular Grand Lodges. If you intend to travel abroad, you may request a Travel Commission from the Grand Secretary’s Office. Please allow one month’s time prior to departure to obtain the Travel Commission.

No Pennsylvania Mason is permitted to correspond directly, in any form or manner, with another Grand Lodge or its Subordinate Lodges without prior approval of the respective Grand Secretaries in accordance with Masonic protocol. Requests to correspond with another Grand Lodge or its Lodges must be submitted to the Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania.

On June 30, 2007, the Grand Lodge Committee on Fraternal Recognition issued this cautionary statement:

“… as we have indicated in previous reports, irregular forms of Freemasonry continue to expand not only into unoccupied territories but also into jurisdictions where regular Freemasonry exists. We, therefore, emphasize the need to exercise caution when traveling and also in communication on the Internet. Lack of knowledge remains a major concern to world Masonic leadership, as well as to this committee.”

(Updated 12-3-2020)

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