Almoner’s Fund

Help Where It’s Needed

Every lodge has an Almoner’s Fund dedicated to the relief of worthy distressed members and their families. The appointed Lodge Almoner manages the fund.

At least 50% of the fund will be paid yearly to qualified applicants who have experienced a hardship. Any member, widow or dependent child may apply to the lodge for assistance through a member or the District Deputy Grand Master. If an applicant so requests, his or her application will be considered by the lodge in confidence; the identity of the applicant will only be made known to the Lodge Almoner and the Worshipful Master. The Lodge Treasurer, Secretary and District Deputy Grand Master may be included on an as-needed basis.

The Almoner’s Fund will only be used as approved by lodge vote; in emergency cases, the Lodge Almoner may seek approval from the District Deputy Grand Master before lodge approval, but such circumstances will be disclosed to the membership. The Almoner will ascertain the need of applicants for assistance. He will then decide to either make a recommendation for a monetary grant or refer the applicant to other appropriate committees of the lodge and/or to other possible resources available through the Grand Lodge (such as the Masonic Outreach Program).

Each year, the Almoner will submit to the lodge an annual accounting of the Almoner’s Fund. The lodge will publish in its notice a list of how and why the funds were used to benefit a member or his family at least twice per year. No names will be published unless written permission is granted to do so.


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