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Pennsylvania Masonic News

  • Bob Platt

Piecing Together Family History

Brother Robert Platt has always enjoyed the challenge of genealogy work, including completing pedigree charts for fellow brothers.

  • Brothers Richard Sr., Richard Jr. and Ryan Korn at Ashland Lodge No. 294

One Masonic Family: Leading and Becoming Better Together

Richard Korn, WM, Ashland Lodge No. 294 Our journey began in 2010. I was at a restaurant in Northern PA for bear camp when an older gentleman asked me if I was a Traveling Man. I said “Yes,” thinking he meant do I travel for work? My friend (who I had no idea was a Mason) whispered to me. “No, he means are you a Mason?” I was taken aback, as I really didn’t [...]

  • Freemasons and friends meet onboard a cruise ship

All Aboard for Masonic Bonding

Traveling is a good opportunity to meet and bond with other Masons from around the world. One brother has made it a common practice to host Masonic meet ups during cruises and other trips.

  • Two Masons shaking hands outside of lodge

First Impressions in Freemasonry

As Freemasons, we must always remember the adage, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression,” particularly when a newly petitioned candidate is in our midst.

The Masonic Lite Podcast

The Masonic Lite Podcast Brother Brian McHale, Union Lodge No. 291, Scranton It began simply enough, with a request to a few friends for suggestions on how to learn more about Masonry. As a teacher, I knew I would have off this summer, allowing me what I thought might amount to some time to read. Many of my esteemed Brothers responded with great ideas, including joining esoteric Masonic groups. One, however, led to an [...]

  • Four Maons sitting in lodge and talking together.

Why Become a Freemason?

Men have various reasons for joining Pennsylvania Masonry. For those who've taken the step, what they've gained through their membership has far exceeded their expectations. As Kurk Misialek, Melita Lodge No. 295, Philadelphia, shares in this video, "I joined because I had some friends who were in the lodge, but I had heard about Freemasonry for years and knew people who were in it and got a lot out of it. It's one of [...]

Puerto Rico Disaster Relief Appeal – Hurricane Fiona

Once again, the Brethren of the Sovereign Grand Lodge of Puerto Rico face a difficult challenge of rebuilding after Hurricane Fiona passed through the island on Sept. 18, 2022. Hurricane Fiona devastated the island with unprecedented rainfall and high winds. Some of their brothers have lost their homes or received major damage. Many are living in temporary shelters. Grand Master Anibal Rosario-Ruiz has requested the Masonic Service Association of North America (MSA) issue this Disaster [...]

  • Right Worshipful Grand Master Thomas Gamon IV receiving the wreath

Masonic Wreath-Laying at Arlington National Cemetery

by Brother Darrin C. Catts, Good Samaritan Lodge No. 336, Gettysburg; District Deputy Grand Master, 42nd Masonic District. I have had many incredibly memorable experiences since I joined our beloved and gentle craft, but one specific experience will always rank towards the top of my list. On Dec. 18, 2021, I joined the officers and members of Shrewsbury Lodge No. 423 for a very special event. Brother Joe Reuter, the Worshipful Master of Shrewsbury Lodge [...]

  • Tornado making it's way through field

Kentucky Disaster Relief Appeal

As you are aware, multiple tornadoes ripped through the State of Kentucky, destroying everything in their path. These tornadoes may go down as the worst in history. It has been suggested that one tornado was on the ground for 220 miles. Several Lodges have suffered catastrophic damage and others have varying degrees of damage. There are several Brethren in these areas who have lost everything due to these storms. Grand Master James H. Gibson has requested [...]

  • Waymart Lodge No. 542 building

Waymart Lodge’s Unique Placement

by Brother William J. Vargas, PM, Waymart Lodge No. 542 and Kingsbury Lodge No. 466, Olyphant Waymart Lodge No. 542 is located in the borough of Waymart, Pennsylvania, and situated in the central west section of Wayne County, the furthest northeastern county in Pennsylvania. Waymart Lodge was established in 1876. It suffered two devastating fires, which destroyed all contents of the lodge. The Warrant was replaced after the second fire and remains with the current [...]

  • Top view of hurricane

Louisiana Disaster Relief Appeal – Hurricane Ida

As you are aware, Hurricane Ida hit the State of Louisiana as a Category 4 storm with such unprecedented power and strength that some areas of the southeast parts of the state are still unreachable. Several Masonic lodges have suffered catastrophic damage and have varying degrees of damage. They are unable to reach some of the Brethren in these areas to get exact details, due to total destruction of power infrastructures and cell tower destruction. [...]


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