Secretary's Service

Secretary’s Services

The Office of the Grand Secretary is pleased to serve the more than 400 Lodges working under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania. Provided here is information on those services the Grand Secretary’s Office can provide Lodges and individual members.

Change of Address

If you are a member of a Lodge under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania and need to update your address, you may do so utilizing our Member’s Services system. Please contact your Lodge Secretary if you are not able to logon or reset your password.

Century Club Pin

At the December 5, 2009 Quarterly Communication, then R.W. Grand Master Bro. Stephen Gardner announced the creation of the Century Club award for Pennsylvania Lodge members who have conferred a minimum of 100 Lodge degrees.

This award can be obtained by completing the application. The Lodge Secretary should complete and forward the application to his District Deputy Grand Master for approval who will then forward it to the Grand Lodge.

Download the Century Club Application

Grand Lodge Service Emblems

The Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania recognizes members who have given significant Masonic service for many years. Special pins are awarded at 25, 50 and 75 years, and certificates for 60 and 70-year milestones.

Twenty-five year pins are awarded by the Lodge Secretary any time during the year in which a member celebrates this significant anniversary of membership. The Worshipful Master MAY use the 25-Year Pin Presentation ceremony, posted below, at his discretion.

By resolution of the Grand Lodge adopted at the Quarterly Communication, held June 5, 1940, a member of a Lodge in this Jurisdiction who has been a Master Mason in good standing for 50 years, or more, is eligible to receive a Grand Lodge Fifty-Year Masonic Service Emblem. By decision of the R.W. Grand Master, January 10, 2007, additional service award levels of 60, 70 and 75-years may also be awarded. The 75-year award shall be known as the Diamond Jubilee Award.


The date of initiation, whether in the Lodge of which he is presently a member or in some other Lodge in this or any Jurisdiction recognized by the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania, is to be used in determining the completion of his 50 or more years in good Masonic standing.

If a Brother resigns from a Lodge to affiliate with another; he is still in good Masonic standing. Therefore, the period during which he was not affiliated with a Pennsylvania Lodge should be included in the 50 or more years.

Any period during which a Brother may have been suspended must not be counted as part of the 50 years, UNLESS the suspension was for not more than one year, in which case the period of his suspension should not be deducted.

Requests for Emblems

If a member feels he is eligible for one of these awards he may request it through his Lodge Secretary, although the records are usually reviewed automatically at the beginning of each year. When a member becomes eligible for a 50-Year Masonic Service Emblem, a 60 or 70-year award, or the Diamond Jubilee Award, the Lodge Secretary will request these items from the Grand Secretary’s office, in writing, at least 30-days in advance of the anticipated presentation date.

A special ceremony has been created for the presentation of Fifty-Year Emblems and for the Diamond Jubilee Award. These ceremonies will be conducted by the R.W. Grand Master, by the District Deputy Grand Master in his absence, or by a designated brother, on behalf of the Grand Master.

Ceremonies for Service Awards


25-Year Award Presentation
50-Year Award Presentation
75-Year Award Presentation

Funeral Requests

Please visit our Outreach page to request a funeral service for a deceased member.

Travel Commissions

In order to visit Lodges and Grand Lodges in other Jurisdictions, members are encouraged to request an official Travel Commission from the Grand Master, as issued by the Grand Secretary’s office. A Travel Commission is only valid if it bears the original signatures of the Grand Master and Grand Secretary, and the impressed Seal of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania.

Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for processing and delivery of a Travel Commission.