Masonic Outreach


The Masonic Outreach Program has expanded to encompass many services to support our Brethren, their families, widows and others in our communities.

The Masonic Outreach Program, administered by the Masonic Villages, provides direction, education and information on a myriad of helpful community services, personal care and skilled care homes, and government and state programs to support our Brethren, their families, widows and others in our communities. It also operates a free Loan Closet in Elizabethtown which offers durable medical equipment (such as walkers, wheelchairs, shower chairs, etc.) on a short-term loan basis to individuals in need. In addition, it hosts a monthly Dementia Caregiver Support and Education Group in Elizabethtown.

The majority of services are available to everyone in the community; however, the Outreach Program has designated the following services for Pennsylvania Freemasons and their families:

Finance Panel

Pennsylvania Masons and eligible family members who are in need of developing or improving budget skills can work with members of the finance panel. All panel members, who have volunteered to share their time and talents, have a professional background in the financial field.

Panel of Attorneys

Distressed Brethren, their spouses and widows, who are unable to retain legal counsel, can contact the Outreach Program for a list of attorneys who volunteer their time and may be available to give direction. Attorneys on the panel may also be able to assist individuals needing legal advice who have the ability to retain counsel.

Home Assistance

Financial assistance may be available to Pennsylvania Freemasons and their eligible family members. Whatever the need, staff will work closely with you to determine exactly which service is most appropriate.

The Widows Guild

The Widows Guild program recognizes and assists all widows of Pennsylvania Masons. Widows who attend certain events will receive a Masonic Blue Slipper Pin, which is universally recognized among Masons as identifying the wearer as the widow of a Mason, and a personalized membership card to the Widows’ Guild. On the back side of the membership card is the toll-free telephone number for the Masonic Outreach Program with a list of the many services available to any widow of a Pennsylvania Mason.

Support for Veterans

To ensure veterans are aware of the benefits available to them, the Outreach Program will coordinate programs with the Department of Veterans Affairs to offer clinics at our Masonic Villages locations for veteran residents, members, employees and neighbors. Veterans Affairs representatives will discuss benefits veterans are entitled to and assist them in submitting claims and/or reviewing pending claims.

Loan Closet

Located at the Masonic Village at Elizabethtown, the free Loan Closet offers durable medical equipment (such as walkers, wheelchairs, canes, shower chairs, etc.) on a temporary basis to individuals in need.

Dementia Caregiver Support & Education Group

During a monthly meeting, this support group, which is affiliated with the Alzheimer’s Association, provides caregivers an opportunity to share experiences and learn about various resources. The group meets monthly at the Masonic Village at Elizabethtown.

Honoring First Responders

Serving on the front lines of dangerous and traumatic events, first responders work tirelessly during times of crisis, often putting their own lives at risk to save others. These dedicated professionals deserve appreciation for their sacrifices every day, but Pennsylvania Masons are encouraged to celebrate their dedication, courage and sacrifice during the month of October.

Funeral Service Request

To request a Masonic Funeral, please complete the form below. Please enter as much information as you can, but we do realize that all details may not be available at the time of the request.

Because Funeral Requests require immediate response, we also ask you to call 1-215-988-1912.