//Rebuilding Lives: Continued

Rebuilding Lives: Continued

Pictured above: Brother Brian Seeger, contractor, marks the outline for the new house’s foundation.

After SGT Frank Miller’s home was completely demolished by fire, Brother Joe Shubert, Shekinah-Fernwood Lodge No. 246, Philadelphia, was able to get the insurance company to significantly increase its original settlement offer. Brother P.J. Roup, P.D.D.G.M.-54, enlisted the assistance of Brother Brian Seeger, Ellwood-Parian Lodge No. 599, Ellwood City, to bid on the project and serve as general contractor. The former home has since been demolished, permits obtained and plans for the new structure submitted. Construction is expected to begin shortly.

The original two-bedroom, two-bath home house was 1,400 sq. feet. The new home will be expanded to 1,525 sq. feet with three bedrooms and 2.5 baths, plus an extra room to be used as an office.

Thanks to Brother Brian’s hard work and generosity, all the work is being accomplished within the funding provided by the insurance company.

“Providing a new home for the Miller family is the largest single project undertaken by the Help for Our Heroes program,” according to Brother Col. Harris Brooks.

Looking forward to moving into their new home, the Miller family is extremely thankful to PA Masons for turning their devastation into a wonderful future.

SGT Frank Miller and Family

SGT Frank Miller stands with his family.

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