Why Become a Freemason?

Published On: November 29th, 2022Categories: News

Men have various reasons for joining Pennsylvania Masonry. For those who’ve taken the step, what they’ve gained through their membership has far exceeded their expectations.

As Kurk Misialek, Melita Lodge No. 295, Philadelphia, shares in this video, “I joined because I had some friends who were in the lodge, but I had heard about Freemasonry for years and knew people who were in it and got a lot out of it. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. You make connections with people you might not ordinarily come across in your daily life, and it makes you a better person.

“All men should consider joining Freemasonry to make the kind of connections many of us may lack in the world now when we’re immersed in our phones and social media. There’s a sense of purpose, a sense of fellowship and a sense of being that I really believe Freemasonry has instilled in all of my brethren.”

Jonathan Sweet joined Dallas Lodge No. 231, Pittsburgh, in 2021, and he’s excited about the opportunities Pennsylvania Masonry offers.

“I have always been interested in history. Everyone knows you cannot study U.S. history without running into Masonic history as well, so that is what first got me interested in the fraternity. From there, I learned more about what the fraternity stood for, and they aligned with my values and beliefs, so I sought to become a brother and be around like-minded individuals. I love being around my brothers, and I really enjoy studying and learning more since I have just started my journey in Masonry.

“The impact Freemasonry has had on my life is immense. It has given me a new challenge in life to be the best person I can be for myself and my loved ones and to reach new heights personally and spiritually.

“I have encouraged others to join the fraternity because it is one of the last organizations left that still exists for the right reasons. Freemasonry is here to make good men better through tenants that are fundamentally and universally good and moral. For people who want to grow and have a true family of brothers to grow with, there is nothing better than Freemasonry.”

Do you know a man who could benefit by becoming a Pennsylvania Mason? This infographic may provide some inspiration.

Why Become a Freemason Infographic