Our kids are really excited about their soon-to-be improved homes! The Masonic Children’s Home in Elizabethtown, Pa., will soon undergo a facelift that will unveil a kid-centric décor to maximize the space within each home and provide more private, as well as shared, spaces for the kids to … well, be kids.

The five cottages will undergo their first renovations since the program was moved into its current hilltop location in 1994.

Staff and children provided input into the redesign, which must meet regulations set by the Department of Public Welfare. Each of the children will soon have his or her own bedroom, and the shared spaces within each cottage will be more open and modern, with windows that allow them to appreciate the beautiful view of the campus. The cottages’ interiors will be bright and clean-looking with vibrant pops of color. While ensuring durability in function, the décor will present a welcoming, fun atmosphere, featuring homework zones with reading/study nooks that are comfortable, versatile and creative (including chalkboard/magnetic walls!).

The resource center garage will be converted into a new multi-purpose room which the kids and staff are excited to use for meetings, dinners, movies and other group activities.

This summer, the Balliet and Umbaugh cottages for girls, the administration office and the resource center will be completed. The outdoor facades will be updated this fall, and next summer, the Longdon, Dougherty and Weller cottages for boys will be finished.

We need your help with the finishing touches on the kids’ “new” home! The following wish list comprises furniture, appliances and new fixtures needed to furnish the cottages and offices. To donate an item, please contact the Office of Gift Planning at 1-800-599-6454 or visit MasonicCharitiesPa.org/donate-now. Please note that if funds donated for any one item listed are over-subscribed, the funds will be used for additional wish list items or needs in the same service area.

Masonic Children’s Home Renovations Wish List

  • Individual Cottage
    • 8 Bedroom Sets $21,500
    • Dining Room/Kitchen Stools $ 3,000
    • Living Room/Basement Set $ 5,500
    • Whole Cottage $ 33,500
      (including rugs, artwork, accessories)
  • Resource/Study Center
      • 30 Stackable Chairs/8 Tables $20,000
      • 70” TV for Projection/Events $ 1,700
      • Kitchenette $ 2,450
      • Study Room tables/chairs (4) $ 6,650
      • Whole Resource Center $ 73,000
        (including rugs, artwork, accessories)
  • Administration/Office Building
      • 30 Stackable Chairs/8 Tables $20,000
      • Kitchenette $ 4,000
      • Office Setup (6) $ 4,000
      • Administration Building $ 85,000
        (including rugs, artwork, accessories)