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THE PENNSYLVANIA FREEMASON On-line Edition, published on the Internet by authority of the R.W. Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Pennsylvania. From the text edition of THE PENNSYLVANIA FREEMASON, Publication No. USPS 426-140, published by the Masonic Villages, Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, as a means of soliciting the physical and financial support of the members of the Fraternity, their families and the public in general.

Articles and photographs to be considered for publication should be sent with local Masonic authority to the Production Coordinator, Tina L. Lutter, Masonic Villages, One Masonic Drive, Elizabethtown, PA 17022.

Except by special arrangement, all articles, photographs and artwork become the property of the Grand Lodge.

All original material is prepared or edited by:

The Pennsylvania Freemason Editorial Board

S. Eugene Herritt, R.W.G.M.

Thomas Gamon IV, R.W.D.G.M.
Jeffrey M. Wonderling, R.W.S.G.W.
Larry A. Derr, R.W.J.G.W
Jeffrey W. Coy, R.W.G.T.
Mark A. Haines, R.W.G.S.

Editorial Staff

Tina L. Lutter – Production Coordinator
Rich Johnson – Graphic Designer
Thomas R. Labagh – Executive Director, PMYF, Consultant
Masonic Library & Museum of PA Staff